A recent article http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/226818#0 in Entrepreneur magazine entitled 10 Ways Switching to Apple Made My Life More Difficult has been getting a lot of social media love, so I thought I would make some counter-points being an Apple user myself. This isn't necessarily pertinent to our business of reconditioning cars, but we use Apple products in our business, so work with me here!

1. There's no menu button on the iPhone.

Response: It's called a home button. Read more about 10 Reasons Apple Made Your Life "Different," Not Difficult

Onsite Recon turns 1

My, how time flies! Onsite Recon celebrates one year of being in business; and what a year it's been. We'd first like to give a heartfelt thanks to all our customers - without you, we would have no business. Over the past year, we've definitely experienced our share of growing pains; but we are excited about what's on the horizon. Read more about Happy Birthday

Vote for Onsite Recon for best auto body shop in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Now through March 19, 2013 Read more about Vote Onsite Recon Best Of

From time to time, we get calls from customers saying they've scraped the paint off their car trying to remove a sticker! Even though we like to make money, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few tips on how to remove stickers from your vehicle safely. Read more about How to Remove Stickers from your Car

To Buff or to Paint, that is the Question

To assess whether a scratch is through to the basecoat, use either of these two simple methods to determine whether we have to buff or paint. Read more about How to Determine if a Scratch is Through to the Basecoat

Onsite Recon Now Offering Franchises in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland

Chesapeake, Virginia—January 9, 2013—Effective immediately, Onsite Recon today announced the establishment of their franchise program. Franchises are now being offered for sale in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

“Our goal is to create territories close to home in the Mid-Atlantic region for purposes of quality control. It is so imperative that our first franchise family members succeed, as it sets the precedent for future growth,” says Matt Harden, Onsite Recon’s CEO. Read more about Franchising Opportunities Now Available

8/13/2012 Onsite Recon Adds Curt Payne to the Team

Virginia Beach, Virginia—August 13, 2012—Onsite Recon today announced that Curt Payne has joined the team as an on-site technician. Mr. Payne brings more than five years experience as an automotive appearance technician, having worked for a privately held automotive reconditioning company. The addition of Mr. Payne enables Onsite Recon to offer "paintless dent removal" services, in addition to it's paint, interior and wheel repair service offerings. Read more about 8/13/2012 Press Release

You might remember the story a few days ago of vandals damaging some vehicles in a Chesapeake neighborhood. We contacted News Channel 3 wishing to help. We were able to help restore some of the damage, and Reed Andrews recognized us for taking action! You can read more about the original story here. Read more about News Channel 3 Appearance

Founders Matt Harden and Steve Crabb to Appear on Specialist Radio Hour

Founders Matt Harden and Steve Crabb will be making an appearance on the Specialist Radio Hour this Friday at 2:00pm. The Specialist can be heard every Mon-Fri from 2:00-4:00pm. You can find out more about the Specialist, Chris Kettner here.

  Read more about Specialist Radio Hour Appearance