Repair, Paint and Clear Front Fenders

Filled holes, painted and cleared front fenders of a 1970 Chevelle SS 454. Repairs performed onsite at customer's home. Read more about Chevelle SS 454

Scratch removal via two-stage, high-speed buff of clear coat scratches on driver's side front quarter panel. Read more about Video | Scratch Repair

Cruisin' Virginia Beach Car Show, Presented by Eastern Truck & Accessories

Join us on April 14th at the Virginia Beach oceanfront for a full day of Hot rods, street machines, classic cars, and more! Read more about Event | Cruisin' Virginia Beach Car Show

From severe to cleared in less than 2 hrs - All done OnSite in the Customer's driveway!

Before | Severely Peeling Front Bumper

This particular bumper had been previously painted, and unfortunately, the vendor failed to adequately prep the bumper. In order for the paint to properly adhere to the plastic bumper skin, the surface has to be sufficiently scuffed; subsequently, an adhesion promoter must be applied.

Read more about Before and After | Peeling Bumper

Avoid harsh chemicals!

March 17, 2012

If you clean your wheels weekly, you won't need to use harsh chemicals on your wheels. Simply remove brake dust and road grime with soap and water, and you'll extend the life of your wheel. For stubborn brake dust, try Simple Green (diluted to strength).

After having your wheels repaired, it is especially important to avoid harsh chemicals.

How to care for your car after it's been repaired

February 13, 2012


Read more about Post Service Care

Wilmington, NC

February 6, 2012

INHOUSE welcomes Steve Marshall and Sean St. Onge to the team! Steve and Sean will be based out of Wilmington, NC, and can perform almost any non-structural repair to an automobile, including paint repairs, leather and upholstery repairs, and wheel repairs. Read more about We're Growing! | Wilmington, NC

Now you see it, now you don't!

December 22, 2011

Below is a photo of a headrest with cigarette burns. On the left side of the headrest, we repaired a cigarette burn...can't see it, can you? It's like it never even happened! Read more about Before and After | Cigarette Burns

Before | After


December 8, 2011

Below are photos of the headlights of a 2001 Ford Ranger. The photo on the left depicts what the headlight looked like before our headlight refinishing process. The photo on the right is a refinished headlight - It looks brand new! Read more about Before and After